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How to install HWK

First of all, uninstall your old setup

1: run "Uninstall HWK Support Suite".

2: run "Uninstall HWK Suite".

3: run "SarasSoft_Emergency_Cleanup.reg"

4: now, install "HWK_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.07.000.exe"

5: run "HWK Update Client v2.0.7.0" and upgrade you hwk.

6: install "HWK_Suite_Setup_v02.07.00.exe"

How to install HWK on another PC.

1: open the registry of the pc where you have upgraded you hwk.

Start > Run > type "regedit" enter
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SarasSoft > UFS3 (highlight your hardware ID)
now click "File" > "Export" and save (your hardware ID.reg)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SarasSoft > UFS3 (highlight GlobalOptions)
now click "File" > "Export" and save (GlobalOptions.reg)

now move on to your other pc

2: install "HWK_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.07.000.exe" (no need run and upgrade).

3: copy/paste "your hardware ID.reg" now double click.

4: copy/paste "GlobalOptions.reg" now double click.

5: install "HWK_Suite_Setup_v02.07.00.exe"


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